Welcome to the Kabul Innovation Lab!

The second Kabul Innovation Lab launched on February 11th, 2013 with a public forum covering Afghanistan’s ICT sector developments, the MoCIT’s mobile and innovation initiatives, 3G and digital platforms. The forum brought together stakeholders from the media, telecommunications and ICT sectors to network and share information relevant to the convergence of technology and media in Afghanistan.

Participants in the 3-day workshop that followed generated solutions to five media “challenges”. Projectshave come from several Afghan media outlets, who worked with the IT specialists throughout the Lab. The concepts seek new ways for the media to use digital and emerging technologies to reach new audiences and distribute content.

The event aims to develop innovative technology-based systems to improve the media’s reach, professional standards, and quality of content. The final concepts were presented at the end of the third day. Take a look at the final presentations.

Read the full story about the Kabul Innovation Lab here.


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I want to participate on this group for working better
    IT manager ELC
    Herat University Education Faculty

  2. Khalid Nemat said:

    I appreciate the idea and want to be part of the group in the future to share my experience and do something for future of Afghanistan.
    Head of IT department UNOPS Afghanistan

  3. Waheedullah "Babrakzai" said:

    I have already participated in the Lab. It was absolutety instructive for me. I do hope to participate in the future as well.

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